Essential Winter Golf Holiday Supplies - Golf Holidays Direct
  • Waterproofs
  • Sun cream
  • An extra glove
  • Towels 
  • Scorecards 
  • Groove Cleaner 
  • Dress shoes 
  • Medication


While the UK's winter weather can make golfing difficult, you can enjoy time on the green if you take a holiday! Naturally, you'll want to bring a series of clubs, golf shoes, a few sleeves of balls, and a divot tool, but there are some other essentials you'll want to bring with you as well. 




You can choose many aspects of your holiday, but you won't be able to control the weather! That's why you'll want to make sure you bring waterproofs with you when you travel. Even if the weather is poor, you'll be able to spend plenty of time golfing. 


Sun Cream 


You may think that you don't need to apply sun cream during the winter season. However, your skin can be damaged by the sun at any time the year. This is even truer when you're taking a holiday. If you're going to be enjoying warmer weather, you're going to be risking a sunburn. 

You can protect your skin and ensure you have a great time by applying sun cream regularly throughout the day. You may want to bring sunglasses and a hat with you as well!


An Extra Glove 


It's a wise idea to bring extras of a few of the items you'll need, like a glove. If the weather is damp, you may not want to wear your glove, which is why it can be helpful to have a spare. Having an extra glove will also ensure that you won't need to purchase a new glove if your glove is lost. 


You won't necessarily be able to purchase the type of glove that you prefer to use when you're on holiday. If you bring an extra with you, you can avoid problems that could get in the way of your holiday. 




If you do wind up dealing with poor weather during your holiday, you're going to want to make sure you have a way to dry your equipment off. If you bring small towels with you, you'll be able to play through your game in the rain. 

Be sure that the towels you bring with you are on the smaller side. That way, you'll be able to easily carry towels with you when you're out golfing. 




You may be able to purchase scorecards from a pro shop when you're on holiday, but those shops may not be open. If you bring your own scorecards, you can use your preferred scorecards as you play and have everything you need.


Groove Cleaner


It's likely that some of your clubs will be dirtied during your holiday. With a groove cleaner, you'll be able to get them clean so that you won't track any dirt into your golf bag. Even if you play on a muddy course, you can be sure that your clubs are perfectly clean.


Dress Shoes 


Many golf courses have restrictions about what people can wear when they're not on the golf course. If you're planning to enjoy a meal at a golf club, you'll want to be sure you have a pair of dress shoes on hand. You'll want to change into these shoes when you're ready to take a break from golf. 




Spending all day on the golf course can leave you with sore muscles. If you bring pain medication with you, you'll have a simple way to get relief when your muscles are aching. 


Take the time to pack properly before you head out for golf holidays at this time of year. Don't just think about the basic supplies you'll need for a round of golf. Pack other essentials as well. Make sure you have all the best supplies for your winter golf vacation.

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