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Going for a golf holiday is one way to have fun while still maintaining fitness. You can put your pen down at the office and go on a holiday featuring golf, your favourite sport as the main activity. All-inclusive golf holidays doesn't come cheaply though, it involves a lot of costs that sum up to create one big bill. You can try to  cut on costs to have an affordable yet fun holiday. Here are ten tips on how to save up on your golf holiday: 

●    Travel In Groups 

Getting a group of mates to join you on a holiday is a hassle, especially a golf one. But it is certainly worth the persistence. Travelling on a group is fun, it allows for both on and off course banter and it helps everyone to save money. Groups are able to collect large bonuses and discounts. 

●    Book In Advance 

Traveling becomes easy if you are organized. It allows to time and schedule for any changes and gives you the opportune time to book for accommodation. Planning early removes the stress and hassle of last minute rush and bookings. 

●    Choose To Carry Your Golf Clubs Or Not 

Airline companies tend to charge for the carrying of golf clubs. They charge between £60 and £100, it depends with the airline company and their policies. You use your golf clubs very often and you have grown accustomed to them. You can choose to carry your own golf clubs  to be able to play well or you can choose to rent some during the holiday.. 

●    Look For Cheaper Destinations 

This boils down to doing extensive research and using your common sense. It is obvious that a holiday in Algarve will be cheaper than a holiday in Pebble Beach. You should research on good alternative that provide value for money. Some destinations that are cheap include Pestana Viking, Villaitaina and La Manga Los Lomas. 

●    Look For All Inclusive Deals 

Golf is the most important part of the trip, it is necessary to find a package that includes golf and other activities. All inclusive packages are cheaper and offer value for money. They are also convenient, you don't have to go looking for a breakfast spot or a food joint because they are not catered for. Although the packages are expensive, they massively cut on your expenditure during your holiday. 

●    Play In One Course 

The destination you choose may have more than one golf course. It might be tempting to go try your skills in all the courses but sticking to one course is cheaper. There are many benefits that are realised by sticking to one course other than a price cut. It also allows you to write the wrongs you did previously and improve your game. 

●    Avoid Peak Tee-Times 

Most golf courses have s peak time between 9 and 11. This is the time most golfers want to enjoy golfing and is prime time weather. Most people on holiday like to golf in the morning so as to have the day free to do other activities. Peak times are expensive and the courses are usually expensive. 

●    Be Flexible With the Travel Dates 

These tip is for people looking to have a holiday in the England, Scotland, Wales or ireland instead of travelling. It is cheaper to take your trip on a Sunday night than on a Saturday night. You will get a less crowded course and hotel. You are able to save up to £100 with this move. 

●    Go Out Of Season By A Day 

If you are looking to book a holiday, it is proper to book just a day before or after a good season. In the UK the  superb time for going golfing is during the summer where there's a lot of sunshine. Using this principle, it is cheaper to go on holiday on 1st September rather than 31st August. The weather will still be the same, but pricing will have changed due to seasonal change. 

●    Change The Weekend Break 

Most people like to go for a golfing holiday for 4 days and 3 nights. Most prefer to travel on Thursday. This was mainly due to the reason that most want to experience the nightlife of the destinations they have traveled to. Hence if you want a cheaper holiday, you can travel on a Sunday and end your holiday on Tuesday. This can be great for those not interested in the night life. 

Taking all this into consideration, then you are ready to go for your holiday without worrying if it will cost you an arm and a leg.

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